Park Hotel Stream Child's Dream Space

We celebrate Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 in Domodedovo!

Defender of the Fatherland Day in the park-hotel Space of childhood dreams!


Dear friends, there is a military historical dugout on the territory of the park-hotel! 

We invite to celebrate this date with us, to congratulate men and relatives who protect us day and night! 

Field porridge, samovar tea - for visitors of the military historical dugout - sign up for an excursion with tea drinking for the group using the link on the dugout page. 

* For both hotel guests and guests of the park 200 rubles - adults (including porridge and tea drinking) 100 rubles - children  (including porridge and tea drinking) 

Friends, book tables and gazebos in the restaurant "Tavern on the Farm", rooms in the art hotel "Uletny Gorod", design superior rooms in the "Castle of Dreams", a sauna in the Bathhouse Residence and real entertainment for men! 

ATV rides for the company Horseback riding, horse saddle workshop, archery. 

Spaniard, Snowstorm and Pony Cupid are waiting for you. 

Horseback riding and bookings by phone 89856462252 Master classes and excursions for children - stay tuned!
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