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Horse riding March 1, 2020 from ExCamp *

Horse riding March 1, 2020 from ExCamp * 
* Attention - only by prior reservation!

Friends, we offer you horseback riding or a horse saddle master class - Spaniard and Snowstorm: March 1 - Sunday, the end of the carnival 

We offer horse riding in the beautiful places of the Moscow Region near the city of Domodedovo. 
The beginning of a horse ride from the territory of a living corner of the park-hotel. The space of a child’s dream or a master class in horse saddle, horseback riding - for two. 

1 shift 14.00 - 15.00 
2 shift 15.00 -16.00 


  • 1 hour for two (2 horses) - 4000 rubles 
  • 1 hour for three (2 horses and 1 pony) - 6000 rubles 
  • 2 hours for two (2 horses) - 8000 rubles 
  • 2 hours for three (2 horses and 1 pony) - 12,000 rubles

The ability to use a pony - Cupid (for a child up to 30 kg) - an additional 2,000 rubles. ATTENTION! 

Booking a horse ride and a master class in horse saddles and horseback riding - only with prior reservation and prepayment - 500 rubles per person. 

Prepayment money can be returned only in case of bad weather conditions - at the same time, by agreement, it is possible to conduct a trip on another day, if agreed without returning the prepayment. Attention - trips are not carried out in a strong snowstorm or rain - please check with the club. Booking and recording by phone 8 985 646 22 52 

Visit our live corner at the Park-Hotel Child's Dream Space

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